Redefines effective teamwork




You will quickly become familiar with its well-thought and intuitive interface.



Because your mobility doesn't mean to expose you to security breaches, Doctech is accessible under HTTPS protocol.

Up do date


DocTech makes sure you won't miss any information or forget to approve/

Do it in one click !



Export your final documentation to various formats.

Your target audience always get your latest publications.

Hassle-free management of complex information and contents.

Contextual help and guidelines at each step.

Quick start out of the box with manager defined stylesheets and templates.

Easy integration to most e-learning systems and 3rd party applications.


High Security web access for internal and external resources in the editorial workflow through communication via crypted HTTP (HTTPS).
No client installation necessary: supports common web-browsers and mobile devices like Apple iPhone & iPad, Android (Smartphones, Tablets), Windows based phone and PC.


Notifications, Tracking and Approval systems.

Unlimited number and variety of validation chains among projects.

A single click to update, recycle, dispatch, comment, and change status of publications.

Tag Search function to build custom documents from the existing documentation or from any external source.

Total traceability : browsing of historical status (versions/revisions) of each paragraph, document or category.

Email notifications of pending jobs on assigned work projects.


Automatically generated interactive table of contents & revision lists.

Multi format export: allows document export in a variety of formats (such as PDF or HTML), at all times during the edition process.

Complex headers are automatically generated and updated.


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