Redefines effective teamwork




DocTech is compliant with the AS/EN 9100, a very strict standard of Quality Management System in AS&D. fields.



Nothing is lost, nothing is erased, only archived. No risk of losing your data in case of incorrect use.



Break your corporate walls : your coworkers will be involved in the workflow without making any effort.

Cost saving


No need to perpetually buy new modules to benefit from all of DocTech's features :
all is included.

Within DocTech, a document is broken down into individual data items which can be marked with individual tags and be part of a hierarchical structure.


Thus, partitioned and organised information can be shared among many publications so updating items within a document can affect dependent publications.

Doctech is a user friendly content management system that keeps everything stored:

  • information is never erased but rather stored in Doctech's archives, therefore giving you the ability to maintain a given standard effortlessly ;
  • get through audits seamlessly, no additional work involved besides creating appropriate user accounts for the auditors ;
  • manage project’s workflow: from beginning to the end so you spend less time reviewing or searching information and therefore more time creating relevant technical content.


Some practical cases :


- A former user, who is no longer part of your organization, cannot be erased, only disabled. Why? To be compliant to your audit : his work, former interventions and modifications will always be traceable.


- When you start writing a new project, you can link a section or paragraph already written within Doctech. This way, when a coworker will update the inital section or paragraph you linked, you will be automatically informed and free to accept or reject the application of the update to your project.

This software solution will break corporate walls existing in all corporate organizations and working groups. It promotes intra-group personalized content sharing so that people are working together without even noticing it, all for the benefit of content’s quality.


DocTech is a truly cost effective tool, helping you to create and benefit from corporate synergies which would otherwise be only attainable on paper. It makes publication of your information automated and optimized, therefore increasing the productivity and the quality of your information.


For multiple reasons, DocTech is an efficient and cost-saving solution, allowing you to save both time and money :


- Thanks to its intuitive interface and features, the handling is very fast. Users don't need to dedicate a lot of time to be trained, it usually takes 1 or 2 days to get full control of DocTech (depending on user experience in writing technical documents).


- Unlike most documentation management softwares, DocTech is delivered asa an all-in-one package, with all functionalities provided. This avoid to buy an initial package with only basic functions and be caught later on with buying supplementary modules over and over again.


- Audits are not prepared anymore prior to the audit date. With DocTech, thank to its imbedded total traceability, tracking, and archives, compliance is now part of documents and manuals creation processes.



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