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Redefines Effective Teamwork


Internal Support Team

available and helpful.

Led by our support experience, our internal support and development teams will follow up on your requests so you get the most out of DocTech.

Our experience

from the Air Space & Defence.

We share the best of our experience among heavily-regulated industries (such as law firms, manufacturers, consulting engineers...).

We know what to do

to make your life easier.

We have faced the same issues in managing our documentation. And while the market did not offer any appropriate solution, we created DocTech.

Gartner estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction with document management systems.


An IDC study has shown a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% for Document Management implementations. Half of the organizations in their study had a payback as early as six months.


A study done by Harris Interactive found that :



From the same study : 92% of knowledge workers collaborate over email, an inefficient mean of collaboration, opening up the risk of leaking sensitive information to the wrong individuals or sharing the incorrect version of a document.

An automated and hand-operated Authoring environment.

Managing Technical Content is no longer an added workload, DocTech is designed to work for you!

Dispatch of updates, automatic reminders, versioning, audit preparation :

this software makes your life easier!

Use DocTech to create a multiple types of documents :

  • Corporate manuals
  • Contracts
  • Maintenance guides
  • User guides
  • Online help
  • Training manuals
  • Audit reports
  • ...

DocTech is intended for highly-regulated and audited industries, or managing a large volume of documentation, such as :

  • Engineering firms
  • Training centers
  • Manufacturers
  • Audit and Compliance firms
  • Regulation authorities (transportation, health, safety...)
  • Bank and Insurance companies
  • Legal offices (lawyers, notaries...)
  • ...
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